Gin Gin Gin!

Hi everybody, let me introduce myself, my name is John Crean from Ireland, and I’ve been in the retail management business for over 10 yrs, mainly off-licence management, (sorry if you are reading from America, here in Ireland we spell Licence with a “c”)

approximately 1 year ago, I was a casual drinker of the usual, beer, rum, etc, but never ever Gin! Why? Cause itwas considered “an old persons drink” or “god isnt that fancy” kind of drink. But i tried it at a party one day and fell in love. Since then I’ve become very passionate about the Gin scene as you may call it. With the introduction of brand new gins and craft gin suppliers, i thought it best to create this blog. So here it is, with my retail experience, dealing with customers and first hand reviews from customers buying the gin from me, I will be doing some write ups on various gin related topics.

I look forward to hearing from you about your thoughts!


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