#1 Gin Review: The Botanist Gin




The Botanist Gin is a progressive exploration of the botanical heritage of our Isle of Islay. 22 hand-foraged local botanicals delicately augment nine berries, barks, seeds and peels during an achingly slow distillation. This first and only Islay Dry Gin is a rare expression of the heart and soul of our remote Scottish island home.

(The Botanist Website)

About the Botanist Gin

The Botanist Gin is a small batch gin, from the Isle of Islay, the southernmost island of the left-mapInner Hebrides of Scotland. its made at Bruichladdich, a well known whiskey producer, distilled from wheat and infused with 22 botanicals (locally sourced on the island by the hard working foragers) such as apple mint, birch leaves, downy birch, bog myrtle leaves, sweet chamomile, creeping thistle flowers, elderflower, gorse flowers, heather flowers, hawthorn flowers, juniper (prostrate) berries, Lady’s Bedstraw flowers, lemon balm, meadowsweet, spearmint leaves, mugwort leaves, red clover flowers, sweet cicely leaves, tansy, thyme leaves, water mint leaves, white clover and wood sage leaves, along with 9 classic botanicals such as juniper berries, angelica root, cassia bark, cinnamon bark, coriander seed, lemon peel, orange peel, liquorice root and orris root. The locally forged juniper berries are the ingredient that give this gin its uniqueness, the first thing you notice as you pout the gin neat into a glass is the intense smell of juniper, you just know its of fine quality.

The Bottle


From a distance, you would think this is just a spurious alcohol bottle, but as you look closer you notice the subtle differences.The quality lid, with a matte feel, travels down the neck to a strong shoulder. When you grab your hand around it theres a great grip on the embossed lettering that wrap the whole bottom, giving the feeling of elegance and craftsmanship.

The Smell

When you pour it the first thing you notice is the expected sense of Juniper berries, I have to say its very hard to pick out the 31 Botanicals but they are there so I’d almost call it mysterious! Floral comes to mind when i take a big whiff,  all in all, the nose was happy.

The Taste

Neat, I felt it was very intense on the palate, with a sense of liquorice and mint. Theres alot going on in the mouth as you swirl it around, you just know there are alot of botanicals while the finish is a dry sensation with the aftertaste of mint and a floral sense.

My Recommended Serve


With so many botanicals to experience it would be a shame to hide them with flavorful garnish, I recommend the simple tonic water, lots of ice, with a quarter lime squeezed before dropping it in.

My opinion

With so many great gins out there I would definitely put this on my list of gins to order at the bar, what I would look forward to is to see how various bars would compliment it with their own touch. I myself will have a bottle in my cabinet and experiment with garnishes and tonics till the cows come home.



 I’m giving The Botanist Gin a score of 82/100 

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