#1 Tonic Review: Poachers Tonic Water


“So good, you don’t even need the Gin!”


About Poachers Premium Irish Tonic Water:

Poachers Tonic water is a premium Irish Tonic made in the two hundred acre Litterbeg Estate in County Wexford, Ireland.The well experienced Oisin Davis (find a Q&A with him here) knows all about the importance of pairing a premium gin with a premium tonic water.so he and his business partner went about creating one with all natural ingredients, using the purest water from a source that poachers have been extracting as far back as theyxrwbxvl_200x200 18th Century!

They worked with a perfumery to extract fresh rosemary picked in Ireland giving the water a beautiful herbal taste and aroma. Sugar beets and Florida orange are then  added to give Poacher’s its citrusy sweetness. Natural quinine and botanicals are infused to give the tonic its essential bitter notes. Poacher’s is produced and bottled in County Wexford.

The Bottle:

The bottle is the familiar tonic water bottle that we have all come to love, the label with its img_7244black background and white writing give that “wild west” poachers style that really stand out and give a vintage style to the bottle. I quite like the the little orange touch in the bottom left corner which give a nice contrast to the rest of the label. What I would say is that I am a fan of keeping the bottle caps of  various bottles I would go through, (not categorically, just one of the kitchen drawers with a messy array of random caps, my wife loves it) such as craft beers, tonics, ciders etc, but the bottle has a plain unmarked cap, maybe in the future there would be something added to make its mark for any other hoarders of caps like me.

The Smell:images

Well, what can i say, if i hadn’t known about a perfumer being involved in the process I would have guessed it, the first thing that hits you is that beautiful smell of rosemary, along with the hint of refreshing orange.

The Taste:

As I quoted before, the taste is so good you could have it without the gin. With ice, its sochczzphxeaeatkg refreshing it reminds me of a summer drink that would quench the thirst of somebody thats been mowing a hundred acre lawn in the blazing heat. On its own the taste of orange is very prominent, giving the impression any gins with serve great with orange would be a great compliment. You get the sense of rosemary after, along with a dry finish suiting alot of premium gins out there.

My Recommended Serve:

This tonic, being already flavoured, would suit perfectly with many citrusy style gins among others, last night i had a Drumshambo Gunpowder Gin with a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of rosemary to enhance the rosemary aromas, I loved it, also try a Glendalough Irish Gin with orange peel to bring out the orange and an sprig of Rosemary to really get the most of both main ingredients! Other great gins to pair it with- Blackwater Irish Gin, Brighton Gin, Ginmare.



My Opinion.

Tonics could be put into the same category as which garnish to use with which gin, well Poachers tonic is so multi-purpose, it would be hard to find a gin that it wouldn’t compliment. Plus, with myself being Irish, and the fact that I love Irish produce, I really hope it does as well abroad as it has with us Irish gin lovers. It has recently become available in the UK, rolling out to thousands of households via The Craft Gin Club monthly delivery service. Did you try it? Let me know what you thought.I thoroughly recommend it to everybody to try.




I give Poachers Tonic Water 95/100



You can find Poachers Tonic in many bars around Ireland, in O’Briens Wine, and Tindal Wines.







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