#2 Gin Review: Esker Gin


Esker Gin

Photo: Gin Foundry

When I hear of a gin from Scotland i get a little bit excited, because to me, Scotland definitely knows gin. The brands that come out of there are well respected and known worldwide, take Hendricks for example. So when a pair of Scots with a passion for gin put their heads together, you know its gonna be a good one.


Meet Steve and Lynne, they started making gin as a hobby, which grew into a business very fast. With their knowledge of gins they have tasted and tried, they chose their favourite flavours from each one and combined them into this great tasting gin.

There are over 12 botanicals in this gin, including  juniper, highland heather, mint, rose hip, heather, thistle, peppercorns, citrus and a very interesting silver birch sap, which is pulled from trees on the Kincardine Estate, giving a very friendly and sophisticated flavour that makes the gin a very neutral spirit that could suit any taste bud.

The Bottleunnamed-683x1024

With many gins opting for the vintage style, its a bit of a breath of fresh air when a gin goes for the ultra-modern look like Esker Gin has here. It has the familar design bottle shape, and then the label has a very crisp, futuristic look, which would look great in any modern cocktail bars or home cabinets. I love when a gin bottle is crystal clear, it just makes me thirsty and gives a real clean look. Great job on the bottle guys.



The Smellimages

When you take a good whiff of the gin neat, you get a delightful hint of flowers, that was my first instinct, past the obvious smell of juniper, but then I got a citrus sense at the end. Really pleasant!

The Tasteee_img3469064

I tried it neat first, as I always do, just to get the full contact taste. What I get from this one is that it doesn’t have a huge kick to it like other gins. Now this isn’t a bad thing, its great to have a gin like this, as some people prefer to have less tonic in the gin, and its also a great gin for somebody who would be unfamiliar to gin, so its a great all-rounder when it comes to strength.I taste citrus as the main emphasis here, along with a very deep smooth feel to it, and theres a little tweak in it a cant quite pick out, which may be the addition of the birch sap as I’ve never experienced it before, which was a great sense to get when trying a new gin.

My Recommended Serveesker1

Steve and Lynne actually recommend a twist of orange zest with it and quite right, it exposes the citrus property even more and the aromas as I drank it were sensational! So a simple glass, fill it with ice, peel the zest of an orange, twist it in your hand and pop it in with 150ml of tonic and relax in front of the telly.



My Opinion

I definitley enjoyed this gin, I like gins simple and quick to put together in a G&T, and the fact the its super with a zest of orange make the perfect gin to pop out of the press when you feel like having a drink, as theres always an orange in the fridge, (thats an excuse right?) Along with it being very tasty, I would have a bottle in the cabinet, for my own private use, or to give to a guest who is wary of gins or never tasted one.



I’m giving Esker Gin a score of 85/100


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