Meet the Bartender: The Gin Palace, Dublin

Sitting snuggly in the middle of  Abbey Street in the beautiful city of Dublin, you’ll find a stylishly luxurious Victorian designed Gin bar that boasts the largest range of Gins in Ireland. The Gin Palace has been the forefront of all things gin in the city for any years and impresses locals and tourists alike. Part of the Louis Fitzgerald group, the bar has two entrances one on Liffey Street and one Abbey Street gives you easy access to the main shopping district in Dublin and easy access to Temple Bar.Today i speak to them behind the bar of over 150 gins from around the globe.

The Managerderek-with-his-gin-recommendat

Meet Derek Garry, the manager of The Gin Palace, I spoke with him and asked him a few questions about the gin scene and a few insights into the bar.

Tell us a little about The Gin Palace:

the gin palace opened Christmas week 17 years ago, one half is styled as a Victorian era pub and the other half was originally designed as a Spanish tapas bar serving tapas dishes and decked out in Spanish oak, the tapas idea was just a little ahead of its time back then  and this part of the bar was integrated with the rest of the pub, the pub started out with a mere 6 gins but has since grown its collection to up to 200 gins when fully stocked, we also carry a range of tonics and we serve gin taster trays ,gin teapots, gin carafes and a range of cocktails. We serve food 7 days a week and also have a full bar for those not so fond of the beautiful G&T

What makes a great Gin Barman?12669724_1094591537241765_2865978041370013933_n

A great gin barman needs a great memory, to remember the correct garnish and tonic to go with each individual gin especially when you have 200 to remember, and they also need to be able to talk to the customer and find out their likes and dislikes  to help them find them the perfect G&T


In your years of experience, could you have imagined the explosion in the popularity of Gin?15873592_1379350235432559_978109227734123871_n

When I started in the gin palace 10 years ago never could I have imagined this growth in the gin market which has occurred in the last few years, its really amazing to see the varieties of gin being produced especially in the Irish gin market. Long live the gin revolution




Have you made cocktails for any celebrities?

We get our fair share of famous faces through the door, especially of the musical kind located next to the Academy we get a lot of the bands down before and after the gigs, we once had the ‘magic numbers’ perform an impromptu gig outside the front door after their Academy gig to a few hundred of their fans

When asked for a simple G&T, how do you serve it?gin-palace

When we get someone in who has no preference on their gin, we will serve them a house gin with a good squeeze of fresh lime and tonic plenty of ice too.



What is the most requested gin?12669724_1094591537241765_2865978041370013933_n

Hendricks is still up there in the top requested gins along with Tanqueray and Bombay, but the Irish brands such as Dingle, Gun Powder, Mor, Blackwater,  jawbox are more popular than ever now

What is the most requested tonic?

At the moment fever tree and fever tree elderflower tonic are our most popular tonics

What is your own favourite gin?gin-palace-1

At the moment I have two, Gun Powder served with water melon and basil, or if I’m looking for something a little sweeter I’ll go with a Mor irish gin served with some raspberries and a sprig of mint

What is your favourite cocktail made with gin?

My favourite gin cocktail is the bramble

Does the Gin Palace have its own exclusive cocktail?dingle-gin-serve-irish-gintonic-festiva-e1464875698812

When Dingle gin first came on the market we came up with drink and we called it a ‘Dingle Cooler’

Dingle gin with raspberry puree  topped with tonic and served with fresh berries, simple but tasty and very popular

What, in your opinion, is the hardest Gin Cocktail to make?

There are no hard cocktails to make, but, if at first we don’t succeed we will try again till we get it right.

Thanks for the chat Derek, I cant wait to call in and try out a few new gins!

Thanks John, see you then!


Find the Gin Palace on 42 Abbey Street Middle, North City, Dublin 1

Phone:(01) 874 8881



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