#3 Gin Review: Berthas Revenge Sloe Gin

Berthas Revenge gin hails from Ballyvolane House, a well established and beautiful country

Justin and Anthony

house in Co .Cork.  The gin is the lovechld of two friends, Anthony Jackson, and Justin Green. Anthony, with a history of farming, then into the wine business, and Justin venturing from dairy farming into the hospitality sector, you can start to make sense of how the base spirits innovative ingredient came about- Whey alcohol. An intriguing and slightly bewildering thing to hear of a gin made from milk, but it works brilliantly.

The name came from a legendary Irish cow, “Bertha” living to an amazing age of 48, and if that wasn’t enough of a feat, she also birthed 39 calves! So having a gin named after her to carry her story is well deserved. Find more about Bertha here.


The botanicals included in the gin are juniper, coriander, orris, liquorice, cardamom, angelica, lemon, lime, cinnamon, cumin, cloves, almond, elderflower, alexander seeds, grapefruit, sweet woodruff and sweet and bitter orange, then to make this a Sloe gin, they infuse wild sloe berries foraged from the grounds around the house and locally. They then add in fresh spring water from their own well. A true locally made small batch gin, (producing only 100 bottles per batch)


The Bottleclppnjbxeaa_jlh

The bottles shape is the much loved and comfortable style, with a very classy cork pull-out top. The design they went for is a welcoming “locally made” style with the friendly face of Bertha prominently shining at the front. The wax seal is the strongest addition to the design, giving it a real vintage quality look. The glass is clear so the burgundy red colour of the clean sloe gin can be seen.Great design guys.


The Smell20170201_190241_001_1486050204940.jpg

Other than the usual juniper, when you take a whiff of it neat, you get this strong fruity/floral nose, along with a spicy finish, due to the strong spices present, like cardomom and cumin, which may entice the spicy gin fan. Smells delicious and inviting.


The Taste

I tried it neat first, as I always do, just to get the full contact taste. And a sudden thought that this was just lovely like this, I could have enjoyed this just on the rocks as a digestive after a nice meal, a strong berry style flavour along with the obvious spices kicking in to finish. Very nice overall. I didn’t opt for it neat this time so I added in some fever tree-tonic. The lads behind the gin say its a great winter drink, which it is, the spices give the winter by the fire feeling, but its the fruity and floral impression that makes one dream of sitting in a beer garden on a hot summers day looking out across a nice view! (But maybe that’s just me.)

My Recommended ServeIMG_ok035d_1486050161873.jpg

There is alot going on in this gin, so you don’t need or want to add anything too strong. To serve, get a tall bubble glass, fill with lots of ice, pour 50ml of Sloe gin, 150ml-200ml of tonic, a wedge of lime squeezed in then added, serve and enjoy.

My Opinion

Sloe gin is underrated in my opinion, yes its rarer than your typical gin, but having at least one sloe gin in the cabinet is a must. Its a nice break away from the norm and is always a conversation starter for the knowledgeable of guests. (Gin wise). If you are unsure whether you would like it, ask yourself if you like fruity drinks, berry drinks, fruity ciders etc, then give it a go. Me personally I would have this as a summer drink. Check out a great romantic cocktail in my Valentines Ideas Post


I’m giving Berthas Revenge Sloe Gin 85/100


Find more anout Berthas Revenge Sloe gin on the guys pages :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/berthasrevenge/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/berthasrevenge

Ballyvolane House Spirits Company Ltd,
Co. Cork,
P61 FP70, Ireland

Tel: +353 (0)25 36349


Disclaimer: I have received this gin as a gift, although I am not obliged to review, praise or promote this gin. All opinions and reviews are my own thoughts and a hobby that I love.

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