#4 Gin Review: Conncullin Irish Gin

Concullinin Irish Gin

Concullin Irish Gin is an invention by the Connacht Whiskey Company, a well established 


and passionate business who love the art of spirits, a fine guarantee that you will get the quality you expect when you try any of their spirits. The brainchild, or should I say dream, of 3 Americans and one Irishman, all with connections to the west of Ireland, and a love for Connacht that is expressed in all their products. Today I concentrate on their Gin, and put it through its paces. Their master distiller, Robert Cassell, who has numerous International awards beneath his name, has enjoyed experimenting and perfecting a mix of botanicals exclusive to Ireland’s wild countryside.

Concullin Gin gets its name from 2 Co. Mayo lakes, one called Conn, the other Collin.  (get 20170216_194823_1487279185163it?). Which are actually the source of their water for the gin. I love to hear story’s of names don’t you??

Irish gin is fast becoming a leader in Gin quality, following in the footsteps of Irish whiskey. Irish Gin,  generally containing more botanicals from nature, this gin includes  elderberry flower and hawthorn berry, as well as the usual important gin ingredients such as Juniper. The other ingredients seem to be kept a secret but I intend to suss them out in the taste test.

The Bottleconcullin

This bottle ventures far away from the usual gin bottle design you find on the shelves, a statement that demands this gin be considered different from the others. It has the elegant flow of a wine bottle but has a more stretched, streamlined shape, that really shows off the crystal clear gin inside. The shield style label at the front is instinctively Irish giving a really Celtic viking feel as if you are holding a piece of Irish heritage. I just love that it’s different. Different, in this crazy time of gin popularity is a refreshing sight.

The Smell20170216_194628_1487279208310

I poured it neat into my bubble glass and took a big deep whiff to reach the back of my nostrils, and the sensation was pure freshness and fruitiness. There was definitely a good kick to it too, the vodka/juniper sense was very strong, finishing in what I would describe as if you just stuck your head in a wicker basket of wild berries.

The Taste20170216_194815_1487279208621

I sipped it neat for starters as I always do to get the pureness of the gin. Alot was going on that intrigued me, I got a beautiful earthiness note at the start while the elderberry flower shined through at the end. I would describe it as fruity. As I said I would try suss out the mysterious ingredients, I put my money of some various root botanicals, maybe some orris root? Or angelica? Either ways, a beautiful taste that just screams “I’ll have another ONE.”

My Recommended Serve

As with all berry infused gin, I would go for a berry garnish just to compliment it. Today I went with Redcurrants, (I squeezed one just to get extra flavour out, experimenting), and just to be different I stuck in a slice of Granny Smith apple that I was quite pleased with. Go with a Thomas Henry Tonic and fill with plenty of ice!! Throw in a few juniper berries to  finish off the look.20170216_195753_1487279142322

My Opinon

I would like to say I’m not biased, preferring Irish Gin, but I don’t think its just my patriotism that makes me love this gin, its just so good that it’s not a one time experience, it’s definitely one I’d have when I just want a good gin, I thoroughly enjoyed drinking it and the gang up in Connacht Whiskey really know what they are at, I see more gins from them in the future, watch this space.



I give Conncullin Gin a score of 90/100

Disclaimer: I have received this gin as a gift, although I am not obliged to review, praise or promote this gin. All opinions and reviews are my own thoughts and a hobby that I love.


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