#5 Gin Review: Ha’penny Irish Gin

Ha’penny Gin

The Ha’penny Bridge is a pedestrian bridge across the River Liffey in Dublin,built in 1816. 240px-halfpennybridgeIts actually called the Liffey Bridge, but is commonly referred to the Ha’penny Bridge since the early days due to a ha’penny charge for everybody that walked over it back when it was first built. It has had many a story said about it and is one of the most recognized landmarks in the city. So its no suprise that to really create a tribute to this beautiful bridge is to create something equally beautiful. Meet Ha’penny Gin, a gin made with the love and inspiration from the Victorian walled gardens of the Phoenix Park in Dublin. using 13 of only the best botanicals. The botanicals include blackberries, lavender, geranium and dandelion flowers as well as traditional juniper and other well known gin ingredients.

The Bottlehapenny-gin-776x1176

The bottle is the classic bell shape and has a strong heavy feel as if your holding a big chunk of glass alone. It has a very elegant lid of mahogany styling giving a great first impression before opening. The label design is tastefully taken from the Victorian artwork on the iron bridge its named after, which is a great touch that stays loyal to its roots.

The Smell20170301_193817_1488399186373[290].jpg

When I poured it i could tell it was an intense smell as I hardly had my nose near the glass before I could sense the beautiful floral smell that almost overpowered the juniper.  The lavender shone through along with the other floral aromas.

The Taste

I sipped it neat for starters as I always do to get the pureness of the gin.As I said with the smell, the tatse was very intense also, the floral sensation was evident with the fruitiness appeared, which gave a very smooth finish.All in all I would call the taste fruity and fresh. Almost “summery” If i may use the word.

My Recommended Serve20170301_194545_1488399167082286

I was recently at the All Tech brews festival, and I tasted this gin with garnish that the barman recommended. Celery and apple, I was wary at first but when I tasted it I was pleasantly surprised! Usually with a floral gin, I like to compliment them with appropriate garnish. But the celery was a really nice touch, the aroma really suited the taste and I would definitely have an other.

My Opinion

Any Irish gin I enjoy, but this one stands out as the patriot of Irish gin, true to its name, drawing inspiration from Irish nature and promoting the landmark in Dublin’s fair city. When visiting Dublin, its almost a must that you order a gin whose namesake is a walk away from where you are sitting. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely order it whenever I visit the big smoke as a matter of tradition.



I give Ha’penny Irish Gin a score of 90/100

Disclaimer: I have been given this gin as a gift, although I am not obliged to review, praise or promote this gin. All opinions and reviews are my own thoughts and a hobby that I love.

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