New Irish Gin makes a big impact across the water

For the past few years, Irish Gin has been one of the fastest growing business’s cbb0fe_e010a79f657b49919e82598e9961211dand exports in Ireland. So it was no surprise that a gin would be breaking the U.S market and become one of the fastest growing spirit catagory imports in North America.This is exactly what Dundalk based company Malcom Brown has done. With a huge range from Gin to whiskey and rum, they are rapidly spreading across America with lots more to come. Jack Walsh, a co-founder of Flaming Leprechaun is very proud of the achievements of their spirits range and gave an interview to “The demand for new Irish distilled spirts is big right now and the customer base to make it a success is here in the United States,” said Walsh

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“Flaming Leprechaun is an exciting new line of premium distilled spirits imported directly from Ireland. Launched in Massachusetts in October of 2016, the brand is planning continued expansion throughout the United States over the next two years. Flaming Leprechaun is deeply rooted in traditional Irish heritage and culture, offers US consumers top quality spirits with award-winning taste that captures all the fun of St. Patrick’s Day in every bottle. Their premium products include a Special Reserve Blended Irish Whiskey (92 proof), Limestone Filtered Celtic Gin (88 proof), Limestone Filtered Vodka (80 proof), a Triple Distilled Rum (80 proof), and of course their extremely popular Fiery Irish Cinnamon Spirit (70 proof).” (Business

Flaming Leprechaun’s flagship product is Fiery Cinnamon Irish Spirit, a 70-proof flavored whiskey made fight for space in the spicy-spirit marketplace already dominated by Fireball Cinnamon Whiskey. Flaming Leprechaun’s version is flavored with a blend of natural cinnamon.

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The distillery earned some recognition when two of its spirits, Limestone Filtered Gin and Limestone Filtered Vodka, earned Double Gold honors at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The gin is a blend of 10 botanicals, highlighted by flavors of licorice and juniper, while the vodka is distilled from wheat.cbb0fe_984f3d60ac11468782b7a9ecffad2d3a

“Ireland is not known for gin or vodka, so we’re excited to get this kind of recognition,” said Walsh

The company has began itsexpansion into the state of Rhode Island in partnership with Rhode Island Distributing, the Ocean State’s number one spirits, wine and beer distributor, and partner company of United Liquors, a division of Martignetti Companies, the leading wholesaler of wine and spirits in New England.

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