Ireland’s best Tonic Water just brought out 2 new lines!

For those of you that know me and have read my recent review of Poachers Well Rosemary and Orange Tonic here, you will know I’m a huge fan of Irish produce, but also a huge fan of this beautiful tonic from Poachers Well. I enjoyed it immensely with various gins, but I always wished that there was a classic one to mix with some gins that didn’t suit the Citrus style of it.

Well my wish has come true, they have just brought out 2 brand new lines to add to their range a Classic Tonic Water. What makes this water special is that it contains a higher amount of Quinine. Its robustness makes it an ideal mixer for spicy gins, floral gins, and many others. Very exciting to hear as I cant wait to go back and try my previous gins with this tonic.17352571_1411604865576908_4334139403494204516_n

The other line they brought out is on a totally different route, Poachers Well Ginger Ale, a premium ginger ale to pair perfectly with the premium crafted Irish Whiskeys on the market.A product that I;m sure will be highly welcomed by both distillers and whiskey fans. Plus not to mention that Ginger ale is a perfect mixer for gin! made with African ginger, a secret citrus blend and Highbanks Apple syrup from Kilkenny, Irelands first premium ginger ale is sure to have a permanant spot behind the bar.


Whats also new is a name,  due to the bartenders of Ireland and the Uk nicknaming the Rosemary and Orange Tonic “Citrus Tonic”, it made sense to name it officially as such! I also love the new fresh design that has been introduced. Best of luck to Oisin and his team, next stop, the world!

Available through Tindal Wines currently and in off-licences very soon I’m sure.

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