#6 Gin Review: Malfy Italian Gin

Malfy Gin

It seems to be a touchy subject when you ask where gin originated, some say England, some say Holland, others will say Italy. Officially its Holland,  but there are unconfirmed report that it was produced well before in Italy. Either ways, any country that has been doing it this long, can boast that they have perfected its methods. Malfy Gin is one such distillery.

Amalfi Coast

Torino Distillati is based in Moncalieri, just outside the city of Torino. Established in 1906, Lemon trees. Amalfi Coast, Campania, Italyits ran by Carlo Vergnano along with his wife Piera, and their children Rita and Valter. 2 professional distillers by the names Beppe Ronco and Denis Muni also hold the fort. A true family business with alot of Italian class.

Italy is famous for its lemons, some areas along the Amalfi coast have fields and fields of beautiful lemon trees, with their dark leaves contrasting with the bright luminescent yellow fruit. The production of Amalfi Coast lemons is limited to 25 tons per hectare and the harvest is done by hand from February to October. These are the lemons the are very prominent in Malfy gin, along with a mix of Sicilian lemons.The peel is steeped in wheat based alcohol then pressed in the old fashion. This citrus extract is then distilled with Italian juniper, cassia, liquorice, coriander, grapefruit peel and orange peel. So this gin is purely citrussy, as if this wasn’t evident enough from the beautiful bottle design of yellow and lemon peel looks!

The Bottle

The bottle is made using traditional Italian glass design techniques.a sturdy glass feeling gin_mal1cylinder type bottle, and a top with a very thick rim, large enough to hang the bottle from your fingers.The label in front is very bright and highlights the brand with lots of information about the history of its region. The crest in the middle is an interpretation of a rowing race held between the 4 ancient kingdoms of Italy back in the day.The blue colour represents the Mediterranean and the yellow is the Italian lemons the make the gin what it is.If you feel the bottle you can feel the word”ITALY” embossed on the front along with the letters “GQDI” which stands for “‘GIN DI QUALITÀ DISTILLATO IN ITALIA” a stamp and guarantee of its origin. The top stopper is made from Italian Oak, a very authentic look true to its core.

The Smell

energy-smell-citrus-1210-s2Imagine a tub with a lid, in this tub are a bunch of fresh lemon peels. Now imagine opening the lid and taking a good whiff of its contents, how delightful does that sound? Thats the sensation you get from Malfy Gin. A stunning aroma of fresh lemons and citrus, along with a finish of juniper berries.

The Taste

oranges-and-lemonsI tried it neat at first, and its hard to ignore the aroma as you sip it. A fresh citrussy taste along with a strong juniper sense, finishing with a deep rooty or oak style taste . if you’ve ever been to Italy and tried Limon cello then you will get a pleasant reminder!  Its suitable for all gin lovers I’d imagine. but attractive to those who favour gins with orange, grapefruit and lemon botanicals.

My Recommended Serve

Lets be real, why ruin a good recipe. This gin is made to be with lemons. Don’t insult it with something else. I recommend a simple lemon peel, twisted and placed inside with the ice. Thats all you need to enjoy the look, aroma and taste to this Italian gin.

My Opinion



I give Malfy Italian Gin 91/100


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