#7 Gin Review: Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin is a British gin, famous for its unique colour and a fresh take on the norm.

You may think that bringing out a pink coloured gin was a genius marketing idea to stand out in the crowd of gins on the shelf, but although it is a great idea, it was purely by chance that Stephen, the founder of Pinkster gin, produced this pink shade of gin. Stephen in the early days, began experimenting at home with his favorite fruits and other botanicals and found the perfect mix, with raspberries. With his perfected recipe, he went into large scale production. I’ve also discovered that the raspberries are recycled into a product called Boozy Berries, gin soaked raspberries sold in a jar? My kinda treat!

The Bottle

A bottle with an elegant design, slick features that you wouldn’t mind sitting in the DSC_0001middle of the table at a party. The straight edges are very dominating in looks along with the thicker glass approaching at the bottom. The pink label really compliments the inner spirit, and stays minimal to enhance the fact that its a special infused gin. The black cap is hardly noticed with so many eye catching characteristics on the bottle!

The Smelldownload

The usual juniper smell exists strongly , along with a refreshingly fruity whiff at the back of the nose, almost anticipating that how the gin will taste

The Taste

Quite interesting this one, I had it neat first, juniper and coriander are obvious, its very sweet to the taste, and the first sip totally contrasts the after taste, it goes from fruity sweet to a dry fruity sensation on the back of the tongue where raspberries are more evident. An aftertaste that makes you want another sip………..

My Recommended Serve3280-5346-fever-tree-web-banner-800x560px-06 (1)

I do tend to research the botancals and experiment, but why fix something that work, and the guys in Pinkster HQ recommend serving it with raspberries and mint. The 2 combined transform the experience into an amazingly refreshing drink. The raspberry flavour, along with the aroma of the mint as you take a sip will put a smile on a hard days work face.

My Opinion

If you are a boring person, don’t drink this gin, if you, like the rest of us, respect quality, design, uniquness and curiosity, this is the gin for you. A very refreshing sweet gin which will suit all gin lovers new or old. I salute the brave man who took the chance to break it into the market, as one would think a pink gin would be appealing to only a single sex, but its quality and taste proved itself to everybody. Definitely have this one in your cabinet as a conversation starter and to impress with your garnish skills.



I give Pinkster Gin 90/100

Disclaimer: I have received this gin as a gift, although I am not obliged to review, praise or promote this gin. All opinions and reviews are my own thoughts and a hobby that I love.

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