#8 Gin Review: Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin

A refreshingly different Irish gin, with a stunning bottle, amazing aroma, and tantalizing taste
Only Irish people living under a rock wouldn’t have heard of Gunpowder Irish Gin at this stage, but stampfor any of you across the water, let me introduce to you Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin.
Named after a small town in Leitrim, Ireland, also the place where its distilled, it uses a botanical called Gunpowder tea along with a variety of oriental botanicals to make it stand out in the crowd. The gin was invented by the curious mind of Patrick J Rigney, a very experienced and knowledgeable spirits master, who is behind Boru Vodka and many more highly popular drinks on the market. So when a man with this CV brings out a gin, eyebrows will raise.
The gin is distilled by hand in traditional copper pots, using all locally employed people, bringing a bit of life into the small town of Drumshambo. Its quality and taste alone made sales boom and in its first year in business sales were phenomenal. It
uses 12 botanicals, including Juniper berries, angelica root, orris root, caraway seed, oriental lemon, lime, coriander seed, meadow sweet, cardamom, star anise, fresh grapefruit, and the famous Gunpowder Tea that made it so popular.

The Bottle

The bottle is in another world, more ornamental than a standard bottle but stillbottle practical, its rippled cylinder with sky blue glass feels really sturdy and give an elegant feel of class when in the hand.

A classic and simple cream label give a vintage impression with an oriental impact from its design a wordings, letting the customer know that theres an Asian touch to it. A wooden lid completes the design, which inspired alot of other makers since. Van Hallers Gin might ring a bell when you see the bottle, and its not a coincidence, its distilled in the same building.

Overall, a bottle to be kept after. (I have it as a candle next to the piano)


The Smell

The smell was an aromatic twist of citrus and star anise, with the Gunpowder tea being obvious. Very different to all other tastings, its something you need to smell if you know your gins, its like a party in the nose. Very nice aroma overall.


The Taste

Now, an interesting take on this, its unlike any of the gins in my cabinet, I had it need to bottle-glassstart, its very strong, with the oriental spices popping out dominantly, overpowering but handleable! As the guys in marketng pointed out, you’ll be showing off your gin face after a sip!

Curiosity is the motto of this gin, and I understand now, as there is an explosion of flavours going on that just make you smile and say whats that? And whats that?? Gunpowder tea really makes its presence known too. As said, very different, but a friendly different, suitable for all palates.

Tonic didn’t influence too much change in the flavour, aroma was still present and a few different garnishs only complimented it in different ways.

My Recommended Serve

With the botanicals in this gin, you will be forgiven for saying this and that was better16729505_1623970511243608_1120765527480468469_n with it. But I stuck with a fresh slice of grapefruit to bring out the citrus and a fresh sprig of rosemary which gives a big impactful aroma as you sip. I love gins that pair well with rosemary.

So, Gin, Tonic, Slice of Grapefruit dropped in, full sprig of rosemary plopped in and away with you, don’t forget lots of ice!



My Opinion

This gin has always been dominant in the market, not only because of their amazing marketing and the experience its creater has, but in general, its a great gin, and its always good to have variety in your gin cabinet. The bottle is a conversation starter with guests and you can look forward to the smile or frown on their faces as they sip, either ways its a must have gin for any gin lover. Enjoy making vases or candles or whatever your imagination thinks of with the empty bottle!



I give Drumshambo Irish Gin 94/100

One thought on “#8 Gin Review: Drumshambo Gunpowder Irish Gin

  1. Drumshanbo Gunpowder Gin done a promotion tonight in the Slieve Russell Hotel. It gave a group of us, 8 people to taste a gin we didnt even know about.

    It was absolutely beautiful. Refreshing, appetising and you could drink this gunpowder gin like an energising drink.

    Highly recommend this and will be asking fir this from now on. The people on the stand promoting your Gunpowder gin are great ambassadors for your business. “Dont drop the baby” 😁

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