Non Alcoholic gin??? Whaaaaaat?

Great News for pregnant ladies and dessie drivers! You can now have a non-alcoholic G&T’s!

Herbie Gin from Denmark have just launched the WORLDS FIRST 0.0% Alcohol Gin.

– It is interesting to develop a product that tastes like gin, but does not have the alcohol content. We believe that there is a market for a large group of people who want to drink less or no alcohol, says Anders Bilgram, together with Anders Skotlander, they are behind Herbie Gin and also the new alcohol free Herbie Virgin.herbiegin-virgin-1011x465.png

Distilled the very same way as gin.

Herbie Virgin is distilled at Nordic Distillery in Northern Jutland in the same stills which make the award-winning Danish Herbie Gin, which in December, was awarded the double gold medal at a blind tasting in New York.

– We hand distils Herbie Virgin completely, as when we make a standard gin, that is to say with botanicals such as Juniper, Danish apples, lavender flowers and orange peel just without alcohol, says Anders Bilgram.


The taste of gin
Herbie Virgin is made so that it fits perfectly in a Gin & Tonic with plenty of ice and a slice of fresh Apple or shell of Orange.

Currently not on the shelves in Ireland, but keep am eye out!

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