About me:

I’m a purebred Irish man, from the Royal and historic County of Meath.

Many a story begins over a glass of alcohol, this glass has a gin and tonic in it! My passion for gin began not long ago, because as a wee lad, a Gin&Tonic was very foreign to me, I’ve never tried it and never felt the need to. ┬áBut as I grew older, and wiser, there was one night where one was put in front of me. The first sip from the ice cold glass, gave me this enlightening feeling that this, this refreshing little glass of heaven and lime is my new favorite drink………”I solemnly swear that from this point forward, Gin shall be my drink!” (I said in my head)

I have been working in Retail for over 10 years, being heavily involved in an off licence within the store. With this being Ireland, it was a very important anchor of the business! Then one time came these magical “Craft” selections, from beer to whiskey and Gin. I thoroughly enjoyed buying in the most unique gins, from local people, or genuinely nice distillers, looking for their big break, hoping people like myself would stock their livelihood on our shelves. Well, it was my pleasure, and therefore this blog is another extension of how i can help, promoting craft gins for the hard working gin makers that have the same passion i have.

I hope you enjoy reading through my site, and hope that you would share it amogst your friends.

Thanks for popping by!